Chat Room Two 
Anonymous323 yes
gnfb1234 this needs some updating but you get th eidea
Anonymous323 yes but it seems its open to anyone
gnfb1234 also i think i would start with one chatroom
gnfb1234 yep its opem to all to test
Anonymous323 that would be enuff
gnfb1234 if i was setting one up for "grownups" would be behind a memebrship wall
Anonymous323 good idea
Anonymous323 main thing at present is not to loose touch with each other
gnfb1234 would like to keep it just for us "grownups"
Anonymous323 I reckon
gnfb1234 i setup secret wellington a while back and with a bit of vetting we have managed to keep it pretty much free from to much C***
gnfb1234 and thats upto nearly 3000 members now i think
gnfb1234 on facebook
Anonymous323 sounds good
Anonymous323 I have to go out now but keep in touch I will stay on here
gnfb1234 I should get a chance over th enext few days to seup a basic starting one and i will let you know email me at to stay in touch
gnfb1234 all good
Anonymous323 ok ta
Anonymous323 till laterz
Anonymous323 hello 325
Anonymous323 oh you gone
gnfb1234 I am here at present
Anonymous323 I am 2
gnfb1234 I will just add some thoughts along the way
gnfb1234 hey nortyboi the other way to go is something like
gnfb1234 this sort of thing more our own facebook/twiiter Chat image
Anonymous323 some dont have facebook
gnfb1234 nah i think keep it simple way to go
Anonymous323 yep